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Mealtime ~ Newborn
You will spend a time and energy feeding your new baby. Whether you bottle or breast feed, your baby needs to eat frequently to sustain her rapid growth during these early months.
You and your baby are new partners, and it will take a little time to learn your baby's style--how much, how fast, how often to burp, and how to have a comfortable feeding position for both of you. You'll learn this fairly quickly. A hungry new baby gives you lots of practice!

The decision to bottle or breast feed is personal. Whatever you decide, try to involve both parents in this part of your baby's life. For nursing babies, a relief or water bottle can be given by Dad or other family member.

Most babies don't have solid food during this time. Rely on your pediatrician to keep track of your baby's growth and help you plan when to introduce solids.
Some days babies are more hungry than usual and some days less. They may be having a growth spurt or simply want less food. Food needs tend to vary during this time. Respond to your baby as needed.

Regular and gentle burping helps your baby expel air that can make her uncomfortable after feeding. Be sure to help her!

A baby's digestive system is new and needs some time to get going smoothly. Be prepared for gastric upsets that may make your baby uncomfortable. Help her through the discomfort. Gradually she will settle into a mealtime routine, schedule, and position that works for her. As she gets older and her digestive system matures, these upsets will diminish.

As your baby grows she will be able to go longer between feedings. This process takes awhile, but eventually that tiny tummy will be able to hold enough nourishment to enable her to sleep a longer time at night.

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