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On the Changing Table ~ Newborn
You will change many diapers in the days, months, and years to come! Your diapering technique will have ample opportunity to improve. Start by setting up a diaper area where everything you need is handy. Some families use a changing table; some use the floor. Choose what works best for you.
The choice of cloth or disposable diapers is yours. Parents often use both depending on what's most convenient at the time. Some people use cloth at home and disposable out.
There are many brands of baby wipes and diaper creams on the market. Ask your pediatrician for suggestions. Watch your baby's skin reactions carefully, so you can discontinue any item that irritates.

Be sure to let your baby's diaper area dry thoroughly before putting on a fresh diaper.
Cleaning and changing your baby's diaper is the "work" of diaper time. The "play" of diaper time is talking to your baby, singing, and tickling her tummy. Use it as a time to make eye contact, to be silly and gentle, and to share your smile and your love.

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