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Keep It Safe ~ Newborn
Think safety from the beginning! Keeping your baby healthy and safe is a major part of being a parent. Check with your pediatrician for what warrants a call to the doctor. Find out what your doctor wants you to have in your home for medical emergencies and learn which emergency room you would use in case you need one.
Now is a good time to prepare emergency information for anyone who stays with your baby--even if it's a family member. Include your pediatrician's name, address, phone number, and all other emergency locations. Leave money and directions for someone to get there.

Always, always, always--use a car seat for your baby when you travel. Be sure it is the correct type for a young infant and that it is properly installed. Be an educated consumer when buying or renting a car seat.

Even though your baby is not yet moving, get into the habit of always having a hand on her when she is on the changing table. Be especially careful around water including her bath.

Your baby's skin should not be overexposed to the sun. Use carriage hoods, hats, stroller umbrellas and whatever you need to keep your baby protected. Check with your pediatrician for other suggestions.
Keep your baby away from the edge of the bed. If you bring your baby into your bed, be cautious about blankets, quilts, and pillows. Never leave her unattended.

Consider taking an Infant-Toddler CPR course to be prepared for emergencies. You will be spending a lot of time during the coming years with young children. It may give you peace of mind to know that you are prepared.!.

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