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Sleepytime ~ Newborn
New babies sleep many hours every day although the number of hours varies for each baby. Get to know your baby and begin to pay attention to when and how long he sleeps. Gradually a pattern emerges and life becomes more predictable.
Babies should be put on their backs with no pillows or bedding around them. Some like to be swaddled when they are very young to feel more safe and secure.
New babies don't know the difference between night and day. You will be helping your baby learn the difference. Begin now by keeping nights dark and quiet. Very slowly and gradually babies learn this important distinction. Meanwhile, expect to be up frequently with your days and nights merged together.

Pick up or let cry? Always pick up a new baby who is distressed, so you can comfort her and figure out what she needs. You want her to know that you are there for her!

JUST FOR YOU! Parents need sleep, too! If you are worn out and exhausted, it will be harder to care for your baby during your many hours together. If you can, sleep or nap when she does. Have other family members or a friend care for her so you can rest. Find ways to relax--a hot bath, a magazine, a cup of tea, or your favorite TV show. Although you can expect to be tired as you adjust to parenthood, try to stay as rested and relaxed as you can.

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