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Out in the World~ Newborn
Up and out! New babies are actually very mobile. Now can be a relatively easy time to go out together. In these early months, your new baby may not notice much in the world outside, but YOU will probably enjoy fresh air and a change of scene every day. Daily walks also help organize your time when night and day sometimes seem to run together. As soon as you feel ready, start getting out and introducing your baby to the world.
During the bad weather months, arrange a visit with a friend, so you can still feel connected to the outside world. Alleviate the "cabin fever" that may set in when you are home for long stretches with a new baby.

If your baby is fussy, and you've tried everything, the motion of a carriage, stroller, or a walk outside may do the trick. Try going out and see if it helps. Don't pay attention to people who wonder why your baby is crying!

Baby carriers help you get out in the world. "Wear" your baby and enjoy taking a walk or getting a small errand accomplished. Try different styles of carriers to find one that suits you, and be prepared to change carriers as your baby grows.
Your carriage or stroller becomes your "home away from home". Find one that is comfortable for you. Keep a bag packed and ready with clothes, diapers, food, and keys, so you're ready to go when the time is right.

Remember to keep a little "emergency" money in your stroller bag.

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