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Growing and Changing ~ Newborn
Your new baby is here, and it is time to get to know each other. Babies differ greatly in temperament, and you learn who your baby is as the days go on. Your baby's temperament will influence your first days as a parent. An easy-going baby who sleeps a lot is different from a sensitive, hard-to-settle baby who seems to hardly sleep at all. Enjoy the baby you have!
Your baby grows and changes dramatically during these first months. Your pediatrician, who knows your baby's physical development best, will monitor weight gain and feeding schedules. Before you know it, you baby will be eating larger amounts and become a more filled out, rounded version of his newborn self!

Some babies begin to sleep for longer periods of time by the end of these first few months. Others need more time and help from you. Your baby's potential for longer periods of sleep at one stretch is increasing, and a more predictable routine is on its way.

Your baby begins to know you and to respond to faces, voices, and outside stimulation. However, he will still be able to sleep through almost anything and can nap wherever he is.
It takes time for your new baby's digestive system to settle in. Discomfort diminishes, and mealtimes will become easier and more pleasurable for both of you.
Your baby's first smile! Here's the best change of all, and it happens in these early months. One day he will look at you and smile. You will know that you are well on your way as a new parent.

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