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Playtime ~ Younger Babies
 Your baby becomes more playful now and enjoys looking around and taking in the scene. You are still your baby's favorite "toy" to touch and explore. Enjoy many playtimes together; sing and chat with your baby in you lap and on the floor.

Toys are used more now as your baby notices and is attracted to what you offer. Rattles, teething toys, items to swat, pull, and push, simple pop-up toys and a few soft, small stuffed animals all come in handy when spending time with your baby.
Let the manufacturers' age guidelines help you choose safe, appropriate items for your baby. Resist the temptation to rush ahead to the next age range which may not be right for her.
Buy or make some simple mobiles to hang where your baby can see them and reach for them without pulling them down. This may engage her quite awhile.
As your baby is more responsive, try your first rounds of peek-a-boo. Use your hands to cover your face for a brief second. "Peek-a-boo, I see you!" It's an all time favorite!
Bubbles are an easy item to have on hand. Blow a few bubbles where your baby can reach out to grasp them. Keep an extra bottle of bubbles in your stroller bag for when it may come in handy!
Holding your baby goes a long way. Have some fun with it. Walk in a circle at different speeds. Add music. Add singing. Try stopping at the same places along the way to make a game of it.
When you baby is on her back, gently move her legs and arms back and forth for a "bicycle ride". Chat and sing with her to add to the fun.
Walk your baby around the house to visit the baby in the mirror. Babies love to see themselves and you. Talk to the baby in the mirror together. Watch and enjoy your baby's reaction!

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