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Out in the World ~ Younger Babies
Your baby is now more aware of the world around her and still relatively easy to take out. Keep your diaper bag packed and ready, so you can leave when the moment is right.
Baby carriers, carriages, strollers, car seats-- each of them has its place in your repertoire of getting out with your baby. Be an educated consumer and use what suits your situation. A little equipment can go a long way to help you get out happily in the world.
As your baby is able to sit up in the stroller or ride in a carrier facing forward, he will be able to see everything around him. Enjoy his reactions to these new experiences.

Your baby will begin to notice new people and new things. He'll begin to delight in discovering the world. Chat with him about what is happening. Your voice is comforting to him, when he's out in the big world.

Always use a car seat when traveling with your baby. Helping your baby be safe, happy, and comfortable in the car is worth the effort. Keep a toy or two handy as his special car things. Keep some of your child's favorite music on board for times when you need a distraction.
Listen to your baby when he tells you that he's had enough of the larger world and needs his own familiar place. If he's tired, hungry, or overwhelmed, you baby may signal that he needs a quieter setting with less stimulation. Take his cue that it's time to go home and settle down together until the next excursion.

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