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Growing and Changing ~ Younger Babies
Your newborn baby becomes a more settled baby before you know it. As you and your baby get to know each other, you will begin to see eating and sleeping patterns emerge. You now know how to comfort her, what her temperament and moods are, and she will respond to your love and comfort.
Your baby will hold her head up and be able to take a good look at the world around her. This helps her to be part of what's going on. She is able to entertain herself by watching the passing scene.

Although she is mostly stationary, she will begin to roll over. It may be a while before she can roll back. She needs your help to "flip" her!

Your baby may begin to push up on her arms when you place her on her stomach. It's hard work for her at first. But as she gets stronger, this new skill will help her look around and to be part of the world around her. Encourage her efforts with lots of praise, smiles, and cheers.

Your baby knows and loves you. That smile for you is special. She will begin to recognize the other important people in her world.
Your baby is still cooperative for diapering and dressing. You can accomplish these tasks with relative ease.

Your baby begins to recognize cues and rituals and to anticipate routines. She can be comforted with the sound of your voice when you are on your way with what she needs.

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