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Keep It Safe ~ Younger Babies
Your baby needs you to keep him safe and sound. Some babies start to move around at this age and that changes things considerably. Begin to look at the world from your baby's point of view and keep ahead of his rapidly changing abilities and make your home a safe place.
As your baby wiggles more, begins to turn over, or extends his grasp, check out your changing area. Is everything out of reach? Do you have everything you need close at hand?

Never, never, never - leave your baby unattended on a bed or other high surface. He will begin to roll over one day soon and to squirm around to the edge before long.
Always protect your baby from the sun. Keep him shaded. In the hot weather make sure he has enough water.

Remove any bedding or toys that may get in your baby's way from his crib while he is sleeping.

As you bring more toys or equipment into your baby's life, check all manufacturer's guidelines carefully. Check any items given to you for safety - make sure there are no rough edges or missing parts making them unsafe.

You'll be spending more time on the floor as your baby rolls over and begins to push up. Prepare a safe area and have a few blankets or quilts ready to have a baby safe play area when you need it.

Your baby's bath can be fun, and you can keep it safe by always having your hands on him in case he slips or slides.

You will be spending more time with other families with children,too. Check with you peditrician for guidelines about cleanliness and information about illness. Be cautious when you need to be, and don't worry when you don't have to.

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