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Bathtime ~ Younger Babies
You've given your baby many baths, and you know having everything ready before you begin is safer and easier. Your baby is now bigger and squirmier! So be prepared with everything you need to be sure that bathtime is not interrupted.
Hands on the baby! Always have a hand on the baby so that she feels secure. Be sure to keep her from slipping into the water.

Look for items to help you and your baby have a safe, comfortable bathtime - rubber mats for the tub, bath seats or sponges, or baby size bath tubs. Make bathtime safer and more comfortable.

Your baby is becoming more attentive and aware of the outside world. It's fun to add some play to bathtime. Watching a rubber duck swim or a stream of water is now entertaining to your baby.

If you keep your baby in her bath to play, be sure to keep track of the water temperature. Your "just right" bath water will cool down as you play together.
Gentle splashing appeals to many babies. Yours might love it. Go easy at first so that you don't startle her.

Some babies don't mind getting their hair washed and some do. Be patient as she gets used to her shampoo!

As your baby gets a bit older you will know how she feels about bathtime. Some babies really enjoy it. Some still do not. Continue to respect your baby's feelings and make it as pleasant as possible for her.

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