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On the Changing Table ~ Younger Babies
Your baby may be moving more, rolling over, and squiggling in place. Always have a hand on her if she is on the changing table. You may begin to prefer changing her on the floor for safety.

Giving your baby a toy to hold, singing, making funny faces, playing a first few rounds of "peek-a-boo"--these are all helpful distractions and fun as you continue to diaper her.

Singing while you change your baby is a great part of a daily routine. Your baby will look forward to it. Keep a list of songs taped on the wall by your changing area as a reminder of what to sing.

You can help prevent diaper rash or aid in its cure by having your baby go bare bottom for a bit. Be sure the room is warm enough. Either let her rest on an open diaper, a waterproof sheet, or a disposable pad for a short time on a regular basis.

Your baby is beginning to reach and grasp. Take a look at your diapering area and remove anything she might grab, especially anything overhead that could topple down. Keep a few toys handy to distract her.

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