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Keep It Safe ~ 6 to 12 months
Your baby is on the move and needs you to watch her at all times.
Now is the time to child-proof your home totally! Look at the world from your baby's point of view. Remove anything within her reach that could become a problem. Remember that many things will end up in her mouth. Be especially vigilant of tiny items on the floor. As she pulls herself up, remove anything not strong enough to support her. Check with your pediatrician's office for a full baby-proof guide.

Your baby will be learning to stand during this time. Be sure to lower her crib mattress as far as it goes!

If the doorbell rings, or you must do something that takes you away from your baby, you will need a safe spot to put her down. A playpen or gates to keep her in a safe room will help. In a pinch, you can always use her crib.

Always, always, always use a car seat, protection from the sun, and seat belts in strollers and high chairs. No matter how much she protests, safety can never be compromised.
Use blanket sleepers rather than pillows and covers.

Babies put many things in their mouths including their toys. Wash their toys regularly without becoming too worried about dirt and germs. Again, your pediatrician can guide you.
Update your emergency information regularly so that anyone who cares for your child has it available.

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