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Growing and Changing ~ 6 to 12 months
Your baby is in love with the world! Everything is new and exciting, and there is so much to explore and discover. As part of your daily routine, enjoy going out every day for fresh air, a change of scene, and an introdction to all the world has to offer.

Babies don't need fancy places. The "everyday" is fascinating! Look at the bright colors of fruit in the supermarket. Stop by a local garden or park. Watch children playing. Visit the pet store. Rediscover what's around you by sharing it with your baby.

Your baby feels safe and secure, if he's with you. However, he may be uneasy if a stranger, even a well-meaning one, approaches. Talk with your baby to let him know you are there. Be a buffer between him and anyone new.

Find a balance between time at home and time outside. Babies need both. Too much time away from home can be more stimulating than your baby can handle. Time in his comfortable, familiar surroundings may be what he needs.

Keep your equipment--stroller, carrier, or car seat--in good repair and packed with what you need for your day's excursion. Be prepared for a spontaneous decision to stay out longer, visit a friend, or stop for a "picnic."

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