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On the Changing Table ~ 6 to 12 months
Diapering a squirming baby can be challenging! Some babies simply don't like to be still for an instant. Fortunately, you've had diapering practice by now and know how to work fast.
If you continue to use a changing table, be sure to have your hands on your baby at all times or use the safety strap provided. Your baby can fall easily, and you need to keep her safe. You might do better to change your actively moving baby on the floor.

Continue your diapering playtime songs and games to keep your baby's attention. Giving her a special toy or something to hold may also do the trick.

Your baby may sometimes prefer to go without a diaper. If you're comfortable with that, it helps prevent rashes and skin irritations, especially in the summer. Keep diaper items handy in various places so that you're ready when and where your baby is!

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