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Crying and Comforting ~ 6 to 12 months
Your baby cries to communicate that something is not right and needs your help to fix it. Babies have many needs, wishes, feelings, and frustrations, which they cannot express with words. Crying continues to be part of their lives and yours.
You know each other well by now, and you'll recognize what your baby needs and know what works to comfort her. She is more able to tolerate a delay, because she knows from many experiences that you will be there to help her. Your loving "partnership" will see you both through these upsets.

Your baby knows much more about her world these days and what she wants. This can be frustrating for both of you as you try to figure out exactly what she wants. Most of the time you will know. Sometimes you won't. Stay calm, comfort her, and do your best.

Try to anticipate what works best for your baby now that you know her well. Stay with a routine that works for her. Be sure she gets the rest she needs to get through her busy days.
Your baby now has a growing repertoire of ways to comfort herself. She may have a toy or blanket she prefers, a finger to suck, or a favorite place to rest and regroup. Encourage her ability to soothe herself with you there for love, comfort, and encouragement.

Pay close attention to cries that seem different than usual. If your baby is especially fussy or teary, she may be teething or getting sick.

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