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Bathtime ~ 6 to 12 months
For your baby, bathtime is more than just getting clean. It can be great fun for some babies. They love the water, some bathtime play, gentle splashing, and your enthusiastic pleasure.
After a busy day, a warm bath can be a relaxing beginning to a bedtime routine. Your baby wil know that day is drawing to a close when bathtime comes at the same time of the day.

Your baby may enjoy a few toys at bathtime now. Ducks and boats are a great way to begin. Pour water for her to "catch" and show her how to splash!

Some babies still don't like bathtime and are uneasy in the water. Respect your baby's feelings and continue to make bathing as comfortable, pleasant, and short as possible. She may need more experience before she likes bathtime.

Continue to keep bathtime safe by having everything ready before you begin. Always stay with your hands by your baby. Ignore the phone and doorbell and any other household distractions.

Rubber bath mats and infant bath seats add safety and security to bathtime. Use what works best for your situation to reduce slips and slides.
Keep your bath toys in an open container or mesh bag and dry them after each use to prevent mold and mildew. Bath toys do need to be replaced from time to time.
Some parents enjoy taking a bath with their baby, some do not. When both of you feel so inclined, give it a try.!

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