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What It Takes to Raise Kids Who will Make Good Decisions

Parents: How to Keep Your Kids Tobacco-Free

Uncommon Sense for Parents with Teenagers

by Phyllis York, D. A. York, Ted Wachtel

by Katrina Day Wester (adapted from material from the Centers for Disease Control)

Does your teen think that he or she is cool because they smoke? Here are some interesting facts that might change their minds.

Fact #1: More young people don't smoke than do.

Fact #2: It’s the least popular thing you can do if you want to hang out with other teenagers.

So now you know the facts. What about telling them some other “interesting” things about cigarettes?

  • Science Lab – Cigarettes contain formaldehyde. The next time he has to dissect a frog, your teen could think about smoking the same stuff that preserved it.
  • Rat Poison: If the cancer-causing agents in tobacco aren’t bad enough, how appealing is the cyanide? It’s the same cyanide that’s found in rat poison.
  • Bug Spray: Nicotine is an insecticide that’s found in bug spray. Not really something to consider smoking.
  • Cocaine & Heroine: Studies have concluded that nicotine is as addictive as these highly addictive drugs.
  • Chew / Dip: This isn’t any better. Smokeless tobacco can cause gum disease and cancer of the mouth, pharynx, and esophagus. It can also cause heart disease and strokes.

Even if you did drugs as a teen, you might not be able to recognize the signs of drug use today. Many of the drugs are different.


Since the typical smoker spends almost $700.00 per year on cigarettes, one might wonder what could be bought with that money instead. Here are some examples.

  • They could play 2,800 video arcade games
  • Talk to a friend on the phone in another state for 126 hours and 22 minutes
  • Shop till they drop for music – about 45 compact discs!
  • Buy 1186 packs of sugar free gum – a better habit!
  • If they saved the $700 every year in a bank account earning 5% interest, they would have $25,003.47 after 20 years. Talk about being able to buy a nice car!


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