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Deck of Cards Match-up


Deck of Cards Match-up

[20 Minutes]

Use a deck of cards to play a memory game and help your child learn to recognize numbers. It's a great game to pass the time while waiting for appointments.

You'll need:

• deck of cards

What to do:

  1. Begin by removing the face cards and Aces from the deck.
  2. Let your child help you sort the cards into piles by numbers. Help him choose two 2's, two 3's, two 4's, etc.
  3. Shuffle these cards and place them face down to play a memory game.
  4. Each player turns over two cards. If they match, he removes them from the board and takes another turn. If they don't match, turn them back over and the next player tries.
  5. Continue playing until all the matches have been made.

How to use:

  1. When your child finds this game too easy, add the face card pairs or add the other number cards.
  2. You might also want to use the number cards to play "Go Fish".
  3. Carry a deck of cards with you to doctor's appointments or whenever you might have to wait.

Let's Talk: Ideas to Explore Together.

  • Can you think of the number that comes after 5? What number comes before 3?
  • Can you sort the cards by color or by suit (design)?

Useful information:

While you are having fun together, your child is learning matching and sorting skills. This game also helps to develop number recognition.

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