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Let's Pin the Nose on the Jack-O'-Lantern


Let's Pin the Nose on the Jack-O'-Lantern

[30 Minutes]

Take the traditional "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" game and give it a Halloween twist!

You'll need:

• orange and black construction paper • black marker • scissors • blindfold • tape

What to do:

  1. Cut out a large pumpkin shape from one or two sheets of orange construction paper.
  2. Using a black marker, help your child draw the eyes and mouth on the pumpkin.
  3. Together with your child, cut out large triangle nose shapes from black construction paper.
  4. Attach the jack-o'-lantern to the wall.

How to play:

  1. Show your child how to tape a black construction paper nose on the jack-o'-lantern. Encourage him to try.
  2. Then challenge him to do it without looking. Help him put on a blindfold.
  3. As you play this game recite this rhyme together.
    I am a pumpkin, big and round.
    Once upon a time, I grew on the ground.
    Now I have a mouth, two eyes, a nose.
    What are they for, do you suppose?
    When I have a candle inside shining bright,
    I'll be a jack-o'-lantern on Halloween night!

Let's Talk: Ideas to Explore Together.

  • How will you find the jack-o-lantern without using your eyes?
  • What other holiday shapes could we play this game?

Useful information:

While you are having fun together, this activity helps your child develop balance and language skills.

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