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White Snow, Bright Snow


White Snow, Bright Snow

by Alvin Tresselt
Morrow,William & Co

When the first flakes fell from the gray sky, the postman and the farmer and the policeman and his wife scurried about doing all the practical things grownups do when a snowstorm comes. But the children laughed and danced, and caught the lacy snowflakes on their tongues.


Let's Talk:

Ideas to Explore Together

Before you read: What do grown-ups do when a big snow is coming? What do children do? Are the things they do the same or different? How?

As you read: How do the pictures help us feel about the story? Who is happy? Who is not? Why do you think the illustrator painted most of the pages gray?

After you read: What things do you like to do in the snow? Write and/or draw your favorite things to do in the white snow, bright snow.


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